Eight Simply Amazing Photographers to Follow

Seven, Simply Amazing, Photographers to Follow Right Now


Planning every detail of a wedding is stressful enough, finding the perfect photographer who can capture all of those details to your liking shouldn’t be. We have compiled a list of our favorite up and coming photogs in the Northeast Ohio area who cater to a wide range of styles and pricing without sacrificing quality and experience.




Aster and Olive

We feel strongly that achieving gorgeous photos starts with trust and working together to make something beautiful.  Our style is uncomplicated, clean, intentional and emotional. We believe less is more and love is all you need. 


Angela Bartunek
Aster + Olive Photography
330 221-9380

Price Range: $3,000-$5,000

Instagram: @asterandolive


MarinaClaire and Co.


I am a fine art wedding photographer who captures the story of your day beautifully in a timeless style.



Marina Claire & Co.



Instagram: @marinaclaireandco


Price range: $1,800-$3,300



Lauren Rachelle Photography

Lauren Rachelle Photography serves boho chic couples who want their memories captured in a vivd yet subtle way. I strive to capture your unique connection, all the belly-bursting laughter, and your intimate love-the complete story of your wedding day. Real life + real love is beautiful.





Instagram: @laurenrachelle


Price Range: $2500+


Anita Louise Photography


“I have a photojournalistic style of photography that captures what actually happens: the rose garden ceremony, the rooftop clinks, the candid smiles, the hysterical laughs, the happy tears and quivering beards, the toe-tapping, the groomsmen twerking, the hors d’oeurves snarfing, that one uncle that would rather be watching the game and is currently streaming it to his phone. These are the moments that make the day real.



Website: www.anitalouise.co

Email: anitalouisemedia@gmail.com

Phone Number: 440-799-2761

Instagram: @anita.louisee

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anitalouisephoto


Price Range: $1,200+


Tiffany Joy Photography


When she was in high school, Tiffany discovered her passion for documenting life’s everyday moments in a way that blends authenticity and artistry; to this day, she’s most comfortable with a camera in hand. Tiffany is an intuitive storyteller and instant friend who is most inspired by exploring new places and creating meaningful connections with her clients.



Tiffany Lucas

email: tiff@tiffanyjoyphoto.com

website: www.tiffanyjoyphoto.com

IG: @tiffanyjoyphoto


Price Range: $2,000-$5,000



Diana Galay (Deegee)


To me the most fascinating thing is human connection. It’s what makes my job so easy. I’m not moving your hand 3 degrees to the right and his neck 2 inches the left. I don’t believe in perfect and staged. I believe in real and raw. The good, bad, and messy is all what makes a photo real.



email dgalay95@gmail.com

cell (440)212-4336.

Instagram handle is @deegee_photography


Price Range: $2,000+



April G Photography


April G Photography specializes in weddings and engagements. April is one of NEOs leading “Glam-tographers” and feels that love should look as glamourous as it feels! She loves breaking down barriers and showing just how amazing your photos can truly be when you step outside your comfort zone!  AGP has been voted the #1 wedding photographer, 6 years running, on the Akron/Canton Hotlist. If you are looking for unique, once in a lifetime, photos, AGP is the place to be!


Contact: April

Email: aprilgphotography@gmail.com

Instagram: April_g_photography

Website: www.aprilgphotography.com